Detry: “I am waiting for the baby effect”

Thomas Detry enters the Soudal Open with high expectations. The 29-year-old from Brussels became a dad over the Easter weekend and is on cloud nine. Could the ‘baby effect’ lead him to his first tournament victory in the DP World Tour on Sunday?

Sophia, that’s the name of Thomas Detry’s daughter. “I am waiting for the baby effect”, said Detry with a twinkle in his eye during Monday’s press conference. “Many players win after they become a dad, so I hope that this will be true for me too.”

“Yes, I have high hopes for this week. Just imagine what a week it would be for me to get my first victory at the DP World Tour. It does not really show from the results at the start of the season, but I can feel it, I am close to something extraordinary.”
Fatherhood is helping Detry put things into perspective. “During my previous tournament, I played well on the Friday, but the following two days were less good. But now I have a beautiful family that is waiting for me at home. So, I am less irritated when I do not hit my usual level. Now when I come home, I have other things to focus on too.”

Over the last months, it’s mainly been Detry’s iron game that has not gone to plan and his world and European rankings are also haunting him. “I try not to worry about it all the time and just want to be free to play golf and enjoy my beautiful family.”
The last time Detry was in Belgium was Christmas last year. “I really love being back. I am looking forward to this week in Belgium. To play in front of friends, family and my home audience. This is going to be a fabulous week!”