Soudal Open

The prize money for the 1st edition of the Soudal Open amounts to $2M. The winner will take home $340 000. There is a fixed breakdown set by DP World Tour for dividing the prize money. When players finish with a draw, the prize money of the places is added up and divided by the number of players that finished with the same number of points.


You can buy tickets for the 2022 Soudal Open here! Tickets will be sent via cm.com (Please check your SPAM)

Your e-ticket will be checked safely at the ticket checks. We will use scanners to scan your ticket (printed or e-ticket in email, in which case, maximise the brightness of your screen). There will be hosts and stewards to assist.

The 2022 Soudal Open organisation does not take returns. So be sure to always check that the date is convenient for you.

The 2022 Soudal Open organisation does not take returns. So be sure to always check that the date is convenient for you.

See ticket prices for the Soudal Open here.


The regular entrance to the Rinkven International Golf club will not be accessible to the public.
The main visitors’ car park is situated right next to the Public Parking, follow signs for Public Parking.

Address: Bethanielei 58, 2960 Brecht

During the Soudal Open, it is possible to park in disabled car parking spaces. Due to the limited number of car parking spaces, there are very few disabled car parking spaces. To park in a disabled car parking space, you will need a disabled parking badge.

You can apply for one via email, however, we cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient availability.

Please email us on info@soudalopen.be providing the following details:

Subject line: Application disabled parking badge

Telephone number:
Car registration:
Day of visit:
Tickets in the name of:

Badge number:

A valid parking card in combination with a valid disabled badge will be checked on site.

Map of the event site

House rules

  • Please ensure that your mobile phone is always on SILENT.
  • Please ensure that you have switched off your flash.
  • You can record and share videos of all aspects of the tournament throughout the week, excluding live play.
  • Please stand still and stay silent when a player is playing his shot.
  • Always stay outside the ropes.
  • Respect the crossing points on the golf course.
  • Please do not ask for autographs during competition.
  • Please do not involve yourself in or consult on any official rulings.
  • Please do not block official TV cameras or photographers where possible.
  • If there are people behind you, please crouch down so others can see.
  • The organiser reserves the right to deny access if the ticket was not purchased through official sales channels.
  • This ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged. All misuse, forgery or

fraud is subject to legal prosecution.

  • Changes to the program do not entitle ticket holders to a full or partial refund of the tournament ticket.
  • The organiser cannot be held liable for circumstances resulting from force majeure.
  • The tickets cannot be used for commercial or promotional purposes without the organiser’s consent.
  • The following items will be banned from the site: sharp objects, weapons, glass, cans, bottles (glass & plastic), professional photo, film and recording equipment, food and drink, drugs, animals (except for guide dogs for people who are visually impaired), fireworks, and any object that could pose a danger to safety.
  • By entering the event grounds, visitors consent to all possible preventative and ongoing security measures including identity checks, body searches and bag searches. If these measures are not complied with, entry may be denied.
  • It is strictly forbidden to conduct promotional or commercial activities on the event site without prior written consent from the organiser.
  • The organisers of the Soudal Open cannot be held liable for any damage, loss or theft of any other accidents that may occur. 
  • Any person entering the premises agrees that he may be photographed and filmed, and the images may be recorded and stored. These photos or film images may be used by the organiser to promote the event. Photographs or films taken by visitors on the tournament grounds during the tournament cannot be used for commercial or public purposes unless written permission has been obtained from the organiser.”